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FiscalNote is an AI-driven intelligence tool that provides valuable insights into the legal, political, and regulatory landscape. As the only launch partner of OpenAI in this domain, the tool extends its leadership in the application of AI to laws and regulations. FiscalNote offers a range of solutions tailored to different needs and roles, including Geopolitical & Market Intelligence, Public Policy & Issues Management, Advocacy, Constituent Services, ESG Solutions, Peer Insights, and AI-Driven Intelligence for Global Government Relations, Federal Government Relations, State Government Relations, Local Government Relations, Grassroots Advocacy, Government Agencies, Congressional Offices, Public and External Affairs, and Legal & Compliance Executives.
The tool's suite of products includes FiscalNote Core, FiscalNote State, FiscalNote Global, EU Issue Tracker, and Professional Services. FiscalNote's AI technology can transform unstructured data, identify and label images and videos, and extract value and insights from data sets to drive business decisions. FiscalNote's comprehensive range of tailored products and solutions can be applied to a variety of industries, ranging from Corporate Policy & DEIBA to Healthcare.
FiscalNote's Geopolitical & Market Intelligence solutions offer expert geopolitical analysis and advice from Oxford Analytica, power market monitoring and strategic planning from FrontierView, and reveal early indications of geopolitical, economic, and security risks through pattern monitoring from Predata. Its Public Policy & Issue Management solutions provide state, EU, and global tracking solutions from FiscalNote Core, FiscalNote State, FiscalNote Global, and EU Issue Tracker, as well as bill and policy insights, and Congress At Your Fingertips from CQ Federal, CQ News, and Congressional Directories. FiscalNote's Advocacy solutions enable launching advocacy campaigns to lawmakers using VoterVoice, centralised system management for managing donations using PACbuilder, contacting Congress and supporting advocacy efforts with Knowlegis, and micro-targeting networks to amplify messages from Advocate Acquisition. Its Constituent Services solutions help build stronger relationships with constituents using Fireside and ESG solutions to take charge of ESG strategy using Equilibrium. FiscalNote's Peer Insights solutions allow senior executives to develop ideas that drive thought leadership using FiscalNote Executive Institute, engage, problem-solve, and network using, and utilise AI-driven intelligence tools such as FiscalNote AI Solutions, DataHunt, and Aicel Technologies.
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