Personalized product recommendations for retailers.

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Finiite AI is a deep learning software that specializes in providing personalized recommendations for online retailers. The AI and product recommendations it generates can boost sales conversions by up to 40% for retailers. In just 55 minutes, Finiite AI can be set up, and it can be integrated with various web, digital, or mobile store applications, including Shopify, Bigcommerce, or Woocommerce.
This innovative system is designed to automatically recommend products based on customer images or skin type, improving customer engagement through virtual skin analysis and consumer data insights. Using image processing, the AI analyzes customer data and suggests products that match their preferences, giving customers a personalized shopping experience.
Finiite AI's cloud-based system offers flexible pricing and API usage, making scaling up operations for businesses easier as they grow. Moreover, the API documentation provides code samples and a simple guide to help integrate the system with a website within five minutes.
Starting at $55/mo
Use Case
Skincare routine