FGenEds 1.0

Convert lecture slides to cheat sheets.

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1.0 | AI Tools
FGenEds, a tool developed by Sphere Labs, offers a convenient and efficient way of converting lecture slides into cheat sheets. By simply uploading a PDF file of lecture slides, FGenEds quickly extracts the most crucial information and organizes it into concise cheat sheets for easier studying.
FGenEds saves users valuable time and money, bypassing the need to follow tedious lectures and instead allowing them to compile essential details into an easily digestible format. The app even provides five free cheat sheets for users to utilize.
Moreover, FGenEds is committed to preserving user privacy and security with a comprehensive Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. The app is user-friendly and aims to enhance studying experiences. Users can access FGenEds on Sphere Labs website.
  • https://fgeneds.com/?ref=spottheai
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