Feedly Leo

AI research assistant for information sorting

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Leo, an AI research assistant developed by Feedly, is revolutionizing the way users approach information overload. This powerful tool utilizes machine learning and natural language processing to filter irrelevant noise and prioritize articles that are most relevant to the user's interests.
Leo enables users to optimize their experience by allowing them to prioritize trends, topics, and keywords of their choice. Additionally, users can easily deduplicate repetitive news and mute irrelevant information, ensuring that only the most important articles remain visible.
Leo even has the ability to summarize articles, allowing users to quickly glean the key insights of any given piece. Furthermore, by selecting specific topics and trends from their curated boards, users can train the AI to better understand and cater to their interests.
With the added bonus of its business events skill, Leo can track industry activities, such as funding events, partnerships announcements, product launches, and leadership changes, enabling users to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.
With innovative features designed to declutter feeds and provide deeper insights into users' preferred topics and trends, Leo is a game-changer in the AI research field.
Free + Starting at $8.25/mo
  • https://blog.feedly.com/leo/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
News analysis