Speedy AI summarization tool

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FastGPT, developed by Kagi, is an AI-powered tool that aims to answer the question, "What is the fastest possible AI answering engine that can run a full search engine underneath?" Its primary focus is on processing speed rather than maximum accuracy, and it can provide answers in approximately 900 milliseconds. FastGPT uses large language models, which can be slow and lack information about current events, but it manages to overcome these limitations by incorporating a full search engine underneath its processing. As a result, FastGPT provides faster and more accurate results, making it a valuable tool for those looking for quick topic summaries or general information.
FastGPT is not designed to provide highly accurate or in-depth information but instead offers quick overviews of particular topics. This optimization for speed makes it an excellent addition to any AI toolkit, providing users with a general understanding of a topic in a matter of seconds. Overall, FastGPT's focus on processing speed makes it a useful tool for individuals seeking answers rapidly.
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