AI image generation with prompts

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Eye for AI is a powerful platform that harnesses the capabilities of AI to rapidly create images from text in under a minute. This innovative tool features a 'promptbuilder' that enables users to effortlessly craft complex prompts using visual cues. Eye for AI also boasts a feature called 'Reusable Templates' that allows users to save their preferred prompts as templates for seamless image generation workflows, and generate designs ranging from stylized portraits to concept art, long-shot photography, cute isometric rooms, and illustrations.
The platform offers a 'Wall' feature which showcases the latest creations from its users, where they can explore and get inspired by other users' work. By leveraging AI technology, Eye for AI enables users to train its AI on their images and create images based on prompts such as 'Build a robot with pieces of a computer', 'Make a futuristic hacker robot face' or 'A woman on a vespa'. The AI's generated outputs can be conveniently adjusted by using 'descriptors' such as 'Oil on canvas. Vector art' and 'Number of inference steps'.
Eye for AI offers a robust solution for quickly and easily creating visually stimulating content while providing the flexibility to customize images to meet specific needs. The platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, and its capabilities are constantly evolving thanks to ongoing innovation and development.
  • https://eyeforai.xyz/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Image generation