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AI-powered video search engine.

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AIAbout is a powerful search tool fueled by Artificial Intelligence that revolutionizes the way users search for answers within YouTube videos. With its free-of-cost, intuitive interface, and quick response, AIAbout allows users to navigate thousands of videos with ease. By simply typing in a question or description, users can filter their search by selecting multiple channels that provide more targeted answers. Results are obtained directly from selected entities, prioritizing accuracy and relevance.
AIAbout's unique feature, the time-stamp button, allows users to jump directly to the exact moment of the video that contains the answer they seek. AIAbout provides search results sourced from a comprehensive index of popular creators, podcasts, and influential figures in the technology sector. The index is continuously updated every week, enabling users to stay informed about trending topics on YouTube. AIAbout is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to anyone interested in streamlining their video search experience. The platform is available for use by anyone seeking to discover information in YouTube videos.
  • https://exploreai.vercel.app/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Youtube video Q&A