AI vocal coaching and analysis.

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EVITA is an AI-powered vocal coaching tool that provides a comprehensive range of features to enhance the user's singing and vocal abilities. Through the platform, users can access a personalized vocal coaching experience that is tailored exclusively to their needs. EVITA allows users to explore their repertoire, characters, and musicals, while also generating vocal exercises to help hone their skills. With the ability to ask complex questions about voice, singing, and technique, users can receive detailed analysis and insights into their performance, as well as comprehensive answers to help them improve their abilities.
Additionally, EVITA empowers users to write new lyrics, design custom vocal warmups, exercises, and cooldowns, and provides access to a vast database of pre-loaded vocal exercises. The tool's song and character analysis feature is designed to offer a deep contextual understanding of lyrics, character analysis, and even generating character portraits in various art styles.
With a strong understanding of the Hero's Journey framework, EVITA helps users comprehend where their character is in their overall story, making it easier for users to identify areas of improvement, and develop mastery over their skills. Overall, EVITA offers an extensive suite of powerful features that enable users to discover and explore new musicals and songs, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve their singing and vocal abilities. The platform's intuitive user interface also makes it easy for users to navigate and access all its vast resources, making it accessible for everyone to access and learn.
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  • https://www.evita.ai/?ref=spottheai
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