Efficient essay grading tool with AI assistance.

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Description is an advanced AI tool that aims to aid teachers in grading essays with speed and efficiency. Its arsenal of features includes detailed feedback reports, accurate error reports, summarizations, and soon-to-be-released AI Detector technology. With, teachers can easily and quickly identify areas for improvement based on grading rubrics at each level.
The error reporting feature of highlights grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in an essay, providing feedback that students can use to revise their work. Meanwhile, the summarizer function condenses the essay's key points and unique phrases into a concise summary.
Moreover, the upcoming AI Detector feature promises to be a game-changer. It will enable teachers to determine if an essay was written wholly or partially by AI, thereby ensuring academic integrity. represents a significant reduction in grading time for teachers and is an excellent tool for those looking to ramp up grading productivity. The app also offers a free plan, making it easily accessible to everyone interested in getting started.
Use Case
Essay grading