AI email assistant for faster writing.

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Ellie is an AI-powered email assistant designed to streamline the email writing process. Developed by nomad developers Danielle and James, this innovative tool uses OpenAI technology to learn and replicate your writing style, generating context-filled replies that feel like they were written by you.
The extension supports multiple languages and enables users to add extra context to their replies. With Ellie, you can also revise sections of an email, reducing the need to switch back and forth between different applications to make changes.
Ellie is designed to respect your privacy and only uses your emails to generate replies. The tool never stores or shares your data, ensuring your information remains secure.
Available as a Chrome or Firefox extension and compatible with Gmail, Ellie is a time-saving solution for anyone looking to optimize their email management process. Whether you are a busy professional or just seeking greater efficiency, Ellie's AI-powered assistance can help you communicate more effectively and efficiently.
Starting at $19/mo
  • https://ellieai.com/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Email writing