Custom audio messages from Christmas Elf.

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Personalised Elf Messages is a unique tool designed to add a special touch to your Christmas greetings. Users can create custom audio messages from a Christmas Elf, personalised with their own words, name, and email address. These messages are recorded by elves at the North Pole and sent straight to the user's inbox, complete with references to family members, achievements, and other unique details. This makes each message special, memorable, and truly one-of-a-kind.
Personalised Elf Messages offers a maximum of 120 words per message, including the option to include a family joke or mention a desired Christmas present. The tool also provides helpful tips for crafting the perfect message, as well as examples of Elf Messages to inspire creativity.
At a cost of £2.97 per message, users also receive a 25% discount for early Christmas orders. Personalised Elf Messages is the perfect way to make your holiday greetings stand out, bringing joy and magic to friends and loved ones alike.
Starting at $5/message
  • https://elfmessages.com/?ref=spottheai
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