Ecrett Music

AI music composing for content creators.

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Ecrett Music is an innovative AI-driven software designed to aid content creators in producing high-quality royalty-free music for their projects. With its intuitive interface, even those with no music background can quickly and easily use the software. Ecrett Music offers over 500,000 music patterns every month to help users find the perfect track for their projects, and also allows for customization of the music, such as editing the instrument and structure. For ultimate convenience, Ecrett Music permits users to upload their videos and review whether the music matches their content.
The software offers three pricing plans, including a free plan, an individual plan, and a business plan. The individual plan is an annual subscription that gives users access to unlimited royalty-free music downloads, allowing them to use it for commercial projects such as YouTube monetization. The business plan also includes an annual license for use by a company.
Ecrett Music offers guidelines for correct usage of the software, including examples of acceptable contents such as hobbies, ads, weddings, monetized contents, and gaming. It also outlines prohibited content such as those that are harmful, sexual, or hateful. In addition, the software prohibits the sharing or distribution of music created through Ecrett Music in any format, including downloadable links. Behind Ecrett Music, a team of professional musicians, composers, dancers, designers, and engineers are continuously developing the software, with the aim of assisting content creators in their work.
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