AI-powered transcription tool.

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EchoFox is an AI-powered transcription tool that streamlines the process of converting voice memos to text. With the 24/7 transcription assistant, users can conveniently transcribe audio messages into text while maintaining focus on other important tasks. The application employs advanced AI technology, ensuring high accuracy levels in all transcriptions. EchoFox supports multiple audio formats, including ogg, mp3, and wav, and can transcribe up to 98 languages, with English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Italian being the optimized languages.
The user-friendly design of EchoFox facilitates the easy forwarding of voice messages to the tool, ensuring a swift and efficient transcription. Advanced noise reduction technology aids in transcribing audio in noisy environments. Interoperability with a wide range of apps, including social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Telegram, makes EchoFox a user-friendly tool.
The pricing tiers for EchoFox cater to diverse budgetary needs and will be released soon. Not only does EchoFox accurately transcribe voice memos into text, but it also offers an intelligent and efficient tool that enables users to focus on their priorities. Additionally, EchoFox adheres to data retention and deletion policies that comply with industry regulations.
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