AI generates images from sketches.

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Draw It, powered by Leap, is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to revolutionize image generation. This innovative tool uses advanced AI algorithms that allow users to convert their sketches into various art styles. Draw It boasts an extensive collection of art styles, including Surrealism, Cubism, Street Art, futuristic and vintage technology, wildlife and landscape nature images, and modern and historical architecture.
Using Draw It is straightforward; users can submit their sketches and choose their preferred image category or art style. The AI algorithms then process the submitted sketches and produce an image in the chosen style. Draw It provides artists, designers, and individuals who need to create images quickly and efficiently an opportunity to streamline their workflow.
Draw It features Leap's REMIX API, making it possible for developers to create similar tools with diverse functionalities. Draw It has immense potential in the digital art and design industries, saving time and resources in image generation. It is a powerful tool that warrants recognition in the digital art community. Draw It is currently available for forking on GitHub, making it accessible to the public and helping accelerate innovation in the field.
  • https://www.drawit.art/?ref=spottheai
Use Case
Drawing to image