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Simplify contract creation with AI.

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Contract Drafting with Robin AI revolutionizes the contract creation process by providing a user-friendly tool. This innovative product allows commercial teams to generate contracts rapidly from pre-approved templates, while the legal team maintains control and oversight through built-in approval workflows. The platform uses templates from the legal team to ensure consistency and compliance in language every time. Dynamic templates are attached to forms that auto-populate the correct terms as users fill in the details. Approval workflows facilitate quick contract initiation while the legal team retains control. The tool reduces the workload of legal teams, allowing them to focus on high-value work. The contract drafting tool caters to both lawyers and non-lawyers, providing access to legal and commercial teams based on the template's complexity.
Robin AI utilizes generative AI models and human review to create templates for common contract types. Clients can configure their templates with the support of Robin AI's in-house team of lawyers and paralegals once they upgrade to the full Draft module. Robin AI's contract drafting tool is free to use, and the platform offers helpful templates to generate common agreements like NDAs, employment contracts, services agreements, and supply agreements. Robin AI maintains a simple, transparent pricing model for their Draft and Robin Suite modules. Overall, Robin AI's contract drafting tool simplifies the contract creation process, providing more control and supervision to users, reducing legal teams' workload, and ensuring standardized and compliant language in all contracts.
  • https://www.robinai.co.uk/product/draft?
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