Automated lead enrichment and qualification.

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Double is an innovative artificial intelligence tool designed to automate and simplify data entry tasks. Utilizing GPT technology, the platform offers a range of features that can enrich, clean, and qualify leads with minimal hassle.
Double's capabilities include researching leads from the internet and providing answers to user-generated questions, such as finding LinkedIn profiles or qualifying leads according to specified parameters, such as location and job title. The platform also facilitates the scraping of website text, identifying Bloomberg tickers for a company, categorizing companies by industry, locating company addresses, and qualifying leads based on job titles, among other capabilities.
Moreover, Double can identify and correct corrupt names to prepare for email campaigns, addressing common issues like special characters, improper title case, misspellings, and concatenated entries.
Double provides pricing plans that can accommodate teams of all sizes, including a free plan for the first 200k characters per month, with potential upgrades like custom AI instructions, website text scraping, and 15-minute support response times from the founders every day.
Businesses and organizations can benefit from Double's tailored enterprise solutions, offering CRM and API integrations, multiple seats, shareable documents, and more.
Free + Starting at $19.99/mo
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