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1.5(2) | AI Tools
Distillr is an AI-powered summary tool that helps users save time by generating concise overviews of articles. Powered by ChatGPT, this innovative tool condenses lengthy text into clear and straightforward summaries, enabling users to quickly grasp essential information. Distillr's primary focus is on user privacy, as it neither collects nor shares any personal data or information.
The free version of the tool offers one daily use, while the Pro version grants users additional benefits not available in the free version. With Distillr's no-data-collection policy, users can feel confident that their privacy is being respected every time they use the tool.
Distillr's AI component can generate summaries of any length, making it flexible and adaptable to a wide variety of articles. Its user-friendly design allows users to input an article's URL and receive a summarized version quickly and efficiently.
Overall, Distillr is a valuable tool for individuals who need quick access to important information but are short on time. With its clear and concise summaries, users can get an overview of articles and stay informed without having to spend hours reading through lengthy pieces of content.
  • https://distillr.app/?ref=spottheai
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