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Digital Surface is a cutting-edge online tool powered by AI that helps users transform their existing YouTube videos into written blog posts. This innovative technology is specifically designed for individuals or businesses looking to amplify their online presence by repurposing their previously created video content into concise, reader-friendly text.
With Digital Surface's automated technology, users can convert a fifteen-minute video into a blog post in as little as two minutes. While the conversion process is ongoing, users can monitor the progress and even open additional tabs to start another conversion altogether. Furthermore, Digital Surface also functions as an online editor where users can enhance their blog posts by adding screenshots, links, and other engaging elements to their text.
What’s more, Digital Surface offers users three distinct payment plans to choose from. While the free version includes five blog conversions with basic email support, the Creator plan- the most popular option- offers users the chance to create up to 20 articles per month and save 50% compared to hiring a freelance writer. The Creator Pro plan includes everything in the Creator plan, plus early access to new features. In the event that a user finds none of the plans available suitable, they can contact Joe, Digital Surface's founder, to create a custom plan tailored to them.
By availing themselves of Digital Surface, individuals and companies can boost their SEO ranking and reach a wider audience by transforming their video content into easy-to-absorb text. The tool is user-friendly and accessible on the Digital Surface website.
Free + Starting at $15/mo
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