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DewStack is a comprehensive platform built for creating, managing, and hosting documentation. Its remarkable functionality allows users to import content from various formats while enjoying a user-friendly editor and customized interface tailored to their requirements. Team collaboration is a crucial aspect of the platform, with access roles and permissions provided to ensure everyone has appropriate access. Furthermore, DewStack offers SmartDocs, an AI-powered feature that enables users to obtain accurate and relevant answers in real-time search and Q&A chatbot integration. SmartDocs supports various use cases, including user manuals, knowledge bases, system designs, product documents, private notes, release notes, and FAQs.
The platform also supports structured content editing with predefined templates, and users can leverage the rich embeddings, tables, and beautiful call-outs to achieve a precise documentation result. DewStack facilitates multi-language support, drag-and-drop ordering, nested pages, and high customization, DIY platform. Its versatility caters to a broad range of documentation needs for teams writing their user manuals and knowledge bases, creating product documentation, among others. Additional features include a public or private workspace, custom domain, free SSL certificate, and insightful analytics to measure documentation performance. In summary, DewStack is a simple-to-use, affordable, and powerful documentation platform that allows you to build, edit, and host your documentation with ease.
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