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DegenAI is an advanced tool that utilizes AI technology to create an infinite number of images in different styles, including Real, Future, Digital, Anime, and more. The platform provides users with access to four AI models, each with a unique style and exclusive features, all facilitated through its native utility token, $DEGENAI.
Through the Buyback and Burn Program, the token's quantity will steadily decrease over time. Additionally, half of DegenAI's generated profits will be used to purchase and burn $DEGENAI tokens, while the rest will be allocated towards marketing and development purposes, creating a more sustainable and scalable ecosystem.
Users can explore a wide range of styles to generate creative and original images using DegenAI. From Anime to realistic, portrait or fantasy options provided through the platform, users can showcase their ideas and artwork without fear of judgment. Moreover, DegenAI is user-friendly, and users can integrate it into various channels with full permissions, alongside access to NSFW commands provided by the bot.
Overall, DegenAI offers a sophisticated, innovative, and user-friendly AI-powered platform that enables users to generate a diverse selection of visionary and striking images, suitable for sharing and editing according to their preferences.
Starting at $9.99/mo
Use Case
Image generation