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Efficient AI-powered interviews for businesses.

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The AI Interview tool, developed by Deepbrain AI, is a cutting-edge AI-driven interview service created to streamline and enhance the recruitment process. This tool assists companies in conducting simultaneous interviews with multiple candidates, freeing up hiring managers' time and resources.
The AI algorithm extracts insights about each candidate by analyzing their response to tailored interview questions generated based on their experience. The list of questions is provided in advance, thus saving the interviewer a considerable amount of time.
The AI Interview tool is a cost-effective solution for recruiting businesses due to its automatic question generation feature and user-friendly interface. After emailing the interview questions, the interviewee can submit their video responses immediately, simplifying the process. Additionally, it enables the scaling of recruitment processes to meet demand without adding human interviewers.
The 2D and 3D AI Humans offer multiple language support, speaking over 200 languages worldwide. This feature provides consulting services in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English in their native languages.
Overall, the AI Interview tool simplifies the hiring process, allowing businesses to recruit the right candidate efficiently and effectively.
Starting at $30/mo
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