Simplify data science with natural language interface

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DataChat AI is a cloud-based analytics tool that streamlines data science and analytics tasks for users without extensive coding experience. The platform features an intuitive point-and-click interface and generative AI technology that enables users to execute data science functions and extract actionable insights without having to write complex Python or SQL code.
DataChat AI is compatible with datasets of all sizes, from small CSV files to massive data warehouses, and it boasts a natural language interface, allowing for chat interactions. All analysis steps are transparently documented in plain English, making it easy for users to edit their work.
Furthermore, DataChat AI offers a collaborative platform that allows for the sharing of insights. The platform offers a free tier, which includes access to all analytics features, limited natural language questions, support for 10M data cells, and 100MB of storage. Premium and Enterprise plans provide unlimited natural language questions, increased support for larger datasets, and unlimited storage, among other features.
DataChat AI offers scalability and cost-savings as a cloud-first platform, making it accessible for all users. Overall, this tool provides a simple and intuitive solution for data analytics and data science functions, with generative AI and machine learning technologies to make the process more approachable for all.
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