Dashworks for Slack

AI search assistant for Slack teams.

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Dashworks for Slack is an AI search assistant that makes finding information within teams' wikis, conversations and other work apps quicker and more accurate. Its interface is intuitive and fast, enabling teams to efficiently and effectively find answers to their inquiries in Slack. This, in turn, reduces workload for managers and increases the productivity of customer-facing teams.
Moreover, Dashworks is a preferred choice for both startups and Fortune 500 companies, as its search capabilities outperform other integrated programs, such as Notion. The security it offers is also unmatched, with SOC-2 Certification, encryption both in transit and at rest, pentesting, GDPR compliance and top-class access control.
Dashworks offers seamless integration, with 40+ integrations that can be added to Slack in just a few minutes. The app is backed by YC (Y Combinator), and is SOC-2 Certified. Setting up Dashworks takes as little as 20 minutes, ensuring that teams can quickly take advantage of the benefits of this innovative tool.
  • https://www.dashworks.ai/for-slack?
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