AI-powered code editor with suggestions.

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Cursor is an AI-powered tool specifically designed to enhance the efficiency with which developers write, understand and refactor code. Its built-in editor is optimized for pair-programming with AI, allowing developers to chat and edit code while receiving real-time feedback and contextual suggestions. This enables them to work faster and with greater confidence when navigating through large volumes of code.
Furthermore, Cursor integrates seamlessly with popular repositories such as Github, facilitating easier access and collaboration on code. The beta version of Cursor can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and is developed by Anysphere. It's noteworthy that Cursor has clearly defined terms of service and privacy policies.
Overall, Cursor is a valuable tool beneficial to software developers who wish to collaborate better and increase their coding efficiency, especially for pair programming. It's also worth mentioning that Cursor has already formed strong partnerships with other companies in the industry despite being in the beta testing phase.
Use Case
Software creation