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Contentinator is an advanced AI tool available on the Figma Community platform. Its primary purpose is to assist users in adding realistic content and data to their designs. With Contentinator, placeholder text can be easily upgraded, high quality images can be generated from a text prompt, and alternative approaches to copywriting can be explored. More impressively, the AI tool can even write articles, blog posts, and taglines.
The Contentinator is user-friendly and streamlines the design process, saving users valuable time. With its stress-testing feature, users can ensure that their designs hold up to different types of content. The tool comes at a reasonable price of just $5 per month and offers a free week-long trial to test out all the features.
This powerful tool is licensed under the Figma Community Resource License and is an exceptional resource for designers who want to improve their workflow and save time.
Starting at $5/mo
Use Case
Content generation Figma plugin