AI tool for interior design rendering.

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CollovGPT is an innovative AI-powered tool that assists users in designing one-of-a-kind interiors for their homes. With a simple upload of a photo of the space and selection of room type and style, CollovGPT generates high-quality renderings of the room in the chosen style, providing a realistic visual representation of the redesigned space. The tool offers several predefined styles such as Modern, Bohemian, Farmhouse, Coastal, Mid-century, Transitional, Eclectic, and Scandinavian, to choose from.
CollovGPT also features real-time rendering capabilities, allowing users to experience the room in various lighting and color schemes. While the free version of the tool has limited features, users can enjoy additional renderings by referring friends to the platform. However, it is important to note that CollovGPT may use any images uploaded through their tool for commercial and promotional purposes, making them public.
Overall, CollovGPT is a user-friendly application that provides efficient AI-powered design services. The tool offers a straightforward interface, along with realistic rendering capabilities and predefined styles, enabling users to create unique custom designs in just a few minutes.
Use Case
Interior design