AI tool for efficient virtual meetings.

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Cogram is a versatile AI-driven tool that aims to simplify virtual meetings and optimize productivity for professionals. By transcribing meetings in real-time, Cogram provides automatic minutes and summaries, identifies action items, and offers seamless integration with CRMs and enterprise security, ensuring users' data is secure.
What sets Cogram apart is its dedication to privacy, with no audio or video recordings of meetings stored. This feature makes it a reliable option for those concerned with privacy and confidentiality.
Cogram's usefulness isn't limited to a single industry, offering value for sales, customer success, project management, and internal meetings. Its lightning-fast setup and ease of use ensure a hassle-free experience, with customer success resources and customer-based SLAs offered to ensure optimal satisfaction.
Overall, Cogram is an innovative and practical tool designed to enhance the efficiency and success of virtual meetings, with a strong commitment to security and privacy.
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