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Codeball is an AI-powered code review tool that streamlines the software development process. Utilizing its advanced analysis capabilities, Codeball scans pull requests for potential bugs, assigning them a risk score based on hundreds of parameters. This allows teams to quickly identify potential problems in the code and address them before they cause issues.
Trained on millions of contributions, Codeball accurately recognizes risky code changes, alerting teams to potential issues. It also offers an auto-approval option, saving valuable time and skipping unnecessary code review.
Codeball is easily installed with a single click using GitHub Actions and is designed to work with over 20 programming languages, including popular options like Java, Python, and JavaScript. It's also highly configurable, allowing teams to tailor the tool to their specific needs.
Not only does Codeball integrate with existing CI/CD suites, it also measures the DORA metrics, enabling teams to improve their coding processes and optimize their workflow from day one. Overall, Codeball is a valuable tool that helps teams ship faster while increasing confidence in their code.
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