AI coding assistant for IntelliJ.

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CodeAssist is a powerful plugin for IntelliJ IDEs that is designed to provide programmers with an AI assistant, chatbot, and copilot. This innovative tool works with all popular programming languages and offers a natural language interface, enabling users to interact with it just like they would with a human. By generating, changing, and completing code, CodeAssist makes coding a breeze, while also answering questions and executing actions like opening files or moving to other places in a file.
One key feature of CodeAssist is its ability to understand code in real-time. It can see your code and make changes in the file that is open in the editor, and also generate code while being aware of the code in other files in the codebase. The plugin is free and available for download through the JetBrains Marketplace, and is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA (Ultimate, Community, Educational), Android Studio, and 15 additional IDEs.
It is important to note that CodeAssist requires an internet connection to function and sends code to a server for processing and storage. Therefore, users should review the terms of use and security policies before installing the plugin. CodeAssist comes packed with new features, including a natural language interface, improved continuity between consecutive messages/requests, and the ability to open files and move to another place in the file.
To use CodeAssist, simply install the plugin, open the CodeAssist tool window, and type a programming-related question or natural language instruction in response to the prompt “How can I help you”. With its user-friendly interface and advanced functionality, CodeAssist is a must-have tool for any modern programmer.
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