Cmd J

AI-powered Chrome extension for productivity.

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Cmd J is a powerful Chrome extension that leverages the benefits of artificial intelligence to boost productivity. By using a simple Cmd/Alt + J keyboard shortcut, users can enhance their writing, obtain coding insights, and generate blog posts within seconds. This extension employs ChatGPT, a sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) tool that provides human-like responses to coding issues and explanations.
Not only does Cmd J assist users in drafting blog posts and social media content when they're stuck, it also provides search results from Google without the need to browse through multiple pages. The tool is available in four different pricing plans, each offering different levels of access to OpenAI requests, response time, and support.
Furthermore, the free plan includes login interruptions, whereas the paid plans provide unlimited requests and a faster response time to the user's queries. With its easy-to-use interface and advanced AI technology, Cmd J is a must-have tool for anyone looking to supercharge their productivity. The extension is available now on the Chrome Web Store.
Starting at $19/mo
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