Clippy AI

Extension for AI-assisted code editing.

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Clippy AI is a Visual Studio Code extension that simplifies the code editing process. What sets it apart is its unique ability to decipher plain-text English instructions and send the current file to OpenAI Codex for suggested edits. Clippy AI provides a diff view of the suggested changes within the editor, making it easy for users to accept or reject the edits. Currently, the tool is free to use as it relies on OpenAI's free edit endpoint during its testing phase.
Using Clippy AI is straightforward. Users can access the "Clippy AI: edit file or selection" command by opening the command palette (e.g., cmd+shift+P on the mac) and typing it. Then, an input box appears to receive the instructions for Clippy to carry out. If the provided instructions cannot result in a feasible edit, Clippy AI displays an error message. On the other hand, workable instructions are presented in a diff view for quick acceptance or rejection.
Clippy AI has additional experimental voice command functionality, offering a simplified way to record commands for editing tasks. Users can install the extension from VS Code Marketplace and try it out with various commands. Examples of successful commands include "ADD TYPES HINTS TO ALL FUNCTION DEFINITIONS," "REMOVE COMMENTED-OUT CODE," and "REMOVE DEAD CODE." Clippy AI is published by Clippy AI, and version 0.4.0 is the latest release.
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