ClipDrop Replace Background 4.0

AI-powered background replacement tool.

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4.0 | AI Tools
ClipDrop Replace Background is an innovative tool empowered by AI that has transformed the world of image editing. With its high accuracy, users can teleport any object to any desired location with ease. The software allows individuals to remove backgrounds and text, relight images, upscale images, generate images from text, and remove text from images, without requiring any complex image editing software.
The software is available on both iOS and Android operating systems, with plugins available for Photoshop and Figma. Its user-friendly interface allows individuals to drop their image and describe where they want it to be, enabling the AI to complete the task effortlessly.
With ClipDrop Replace Background, creativity has no limits. Users can unleash their imaginations and create captivating images with ease.
Starting at $7/mo
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