Automated meeting notes and summaries

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Description is a revolutionary automated meeting notes tool that streamlines the meeting process, making it easier and more efficient. By integrating with Zoom, Teams, Meet, and WebEx calls, users can quickly join meetings and begin collaborating. Once the meeting concludes, Circleback immediately begins the summarization and email process, allowing users to access the critical information in just minutes.
Furthermore, Circleback provides transcription services to ensure that no key points are missed. It also boasts a search feature, enabling users to quickly find crucial information by typing a question.
To guarantee data safety and privacy, Circleback encrypts all data during transport and stores it in a secure database. A free version is available for anyone interested in trying the software, and priced plans for teams will be available soon.
With its cutting-edge technology, is revolutionizing the way teams conduct meetings, making them more efficient and effective.
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Meeting summaries