AI-powered tool for creating pictures.

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ChilloutAI is an online tool that leverages AI technology to enable users to create pictures conveniently on their browser, without Discord's involvement. The tool is best suited for professionals or individuals who constantly require images for their personal or work-related projects. By employing Midjourney's unofficial API, ChilloutAI facilitates picture generation without needing its users to commit significant effort.
The sly design and intuitive interface ensure that even first-time users can easily create pictures with minimal instructions. ChilloutAI documentation is detailed and straightforward, and users can easily access the comprehensive Midjourney API quick start guide directly from the website.
In addition to browsing through an image gallery, the tool also enables users to log in and submit their images or carry out other relevant tasks. ChilloutAI leverages Midjourney's expertise in AI-powered development tools, making it an efficient and valuable tool accessible to anyone. It is open-source and available for users on GitHub.
ChilloutAI's integration with Midjourney's API helps users generate images quickly, without any technical expertise. The tool provides a user-friendly experience, empowering users to create pictures and complete their projects efficiently.
Use Case
Image generation