Create and mint NFTs easily.

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Cheap NFTs is a versatile platform that empowers users to design and mint their very own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The platform comprises a diverse range of computer-generated images, from fox paintings inspired by Claude Monet to a bowl of soup that serves as a portal to an alternate dimension depicted on a cave wall. Users have the option to mint their chosen images for free or for as little as $5 and gas fees (~$6.69).
In addition to its extensive image gallery, Cheap NFTs also offers users the ability to link their Coinbase Wallet and scan QR codes for easy and secure NFT minting. The platform features an intuitive interface, complete with a homepage, an 'About' page, a page to view previously minted NFTs, a roadmap for upcoming features, and a comprehensive FAQ section for user support.
With its user-friendly approach, Cheap NFTs paves the way for anyone to craft unique and personalised NFTs with ease and confidence.
Starting at $5/image
Use Case
NFT generation