Chat with Docs: AI document search

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Chat with Docs is an innovative AI tool designed to simplify the process of extracting information from documents. With this user-friendly tool, users are able to ask their documents any question using natural language, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual searches.
Using the API, users can easily chat with any document with just two lines of code. Supported file formats include Pdf, docx, doc, pptx, and txt, making it a versatile tool for various document types.
Chat with Docs implements a straightforward pricing system, with a fixed cost of $259 for 900 credits. One document upload costs 2 credits, while one document question costs 1 credit. With a sleek, minimalistic layout, the tool offers only necessary functions, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all.
Furthermore, Chat with Docs provides a secure environment for document access, with strict privacy policies in place. By streamlining the process of document analysis, this tool can save users valuable time and resources. This makes Chat with Docs a valuable tool for individuals and businesses looking to access information quickly and efficiently.
Starting at $25/mo
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