ChatShape 5.0

Fast AI Chatbot builder extension.

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5.0 | AI Tools
ChatShape is an AI Chatbot builder that enables users to create custom chatbots quickly and easily. As a Chrome extension, ChatShape allows users to generate chatbots from private wikis in just seconds. In collaboration with OpenAI, ChatShape delivers AI-powered chatbots that are trained on users' data. Once users open the extension on a webpage, they can click on "add current site," and then "generate bot." This creates a shareable link for their own chatbot that can be shared with anyone. ChatShape does not store the webpage but stores the text content in encrypted format on secure AWS servers.
This extension has been tested to work on most web pages, including private wiki pages such as Confluence, Notion, Jira, and Quip. ChatShape's maximum number of web sources depends on the user's plan, and the text character count of each page is used to measure the size of a web source. Additionally, the "add current site" feature extracts all the visible, copyable text available on the current web page, without crawling other links on the page or the entire domain.
ChatShape provides a simple and convenient way for users to create chatbots trained on their content. Users can quickly communicate with their customers or audience, making it an excellent tool for businesses or individuals who want to enhance their online presence.
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