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ChatQ is a website that provides a simple solution for creating tailored chatbots for websites or documents. The tool uses GPT to generate chatbots that can answer questions related to specific information. ChatQ simplifies the process of creating a chatbot by offering an embed link that can be easily added to website HTML code, which visitors can use by clicking on the chat bubble.
Furthermore, ChatQ allows users to import data from their website, documents, or raw text, and use it to generate a chatbot without any coding experience. Users can customize their chatbot using ChatQ's user-friendly interface.
ChatQ also offers a demo version that lets users test the functionality of the chatbot before its implementation. Users have access to 30 message credits, but they can purchase additional credits if needed.
Overall, ChatQ is a versatile tool that can be utilized for a wide range of website and document types. It's a valuable solution for individuals or businesses looking for a customized chatbot without the need for technical expertise. By using ChatQ's GPT technology, users can easily create and implement a chatbot within a few simple steps.
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