Intelligent chatbot for data interactions.

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Robby is an intelligent chatbot tool that is changing the way people interact with their data. Using large language models, this innovative software provides context-sensitive natural language interactions, making it easier for users to understand their information.
Robby is capable of working with a range of file formats, including PDF, TXT, CSV, and YouTube transcripts. With more file formats being added regularly, users can expect even more versatility in the future.
The tool includes several pages, each designed to enhance users' interaction with their data. Robby-Chat provides a vector store, enabling users to index up to four useful parts of a file for responding to user input. Conversational Retrieval Chain supports the tool's chatbot functionality, while the beta version of Robby-Sheet allows users to chat on tabular data. Leveraging the power of Python code, Robby-Sheet can process entire CSV files for precise information and graph creation.
The Robby-Youtube page enables users to summarize YouTube videos with the Summarize Chain tool, while Robby-Lyrics and Robby-GitHub are in development. When released, Robby-Lyrics will support lyrics analysis and chat, while Robby-GitHub will offer chatting over GitHub repositories for better code understanding. In the near future, users will also have the option to chat with any website they provide through Robby-Website.
With regular development, Robby is even more data-aware. Users are encouraged to contribute to this platform, making it even more powerful and versatile. This innovative tool is created by combining the capabilities of Langchain and Streamlit, resulting in a highly effective and user-friendly software.
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