Generative AI for synthetic voices and characters.

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Charactr is an innovative generative AI platform and API that provides users with the ability to create synthetic voices, videos, and interactive virtual characters. The platform seamlessly integrates the generated voices and characters into various applications such as games, websites, podcasts, audiobooks, and chatbots.
Charactr API features two modules currently, the Speech module and the Visual & Motion module, with the latter coming soon. The Speech module offers TTS and voice-to-voice conversion of recorded voices, all powered by the WaveThruVec model. The Visual & Motion module will enable users to create talking virtual characters in various visual styles, including realistic or pixel art.
This valuable tool has already proven to be a game-changer for digital content creators looking to give voice to their stories using expressive AI voices and characters. To gain access to the charactr API, users must submit their email for application.
Use Case
Game characters