Real-time AI assistant for technical calls.

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Chadview is an innovative AI-powered real-time meetings assistant designed to assist individuals preparing for technical job interviews, technical sales calls, and voice support. By listening to the user's Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams calls, Chadview provides instant answers to any questions posed during those. This intelligent tool captures the audio directly from the user's browser, recording the conversations continuously during the call. When prompted, the tool uses the previous 30 seconds of conversation to identify the question and generate a suitable response in just 3-4 seconds, ensuring that the user can concentrate on the dialogue and keep the conversation flowing smoothly.
Chadview's AI engine is powered by the ChatGPT API, delivering accurate answers on programming, analytics, and math. The tool is versatile and can be used for various technical roles, including Backend, Product manager, Analyst, and many more. Besides, it can also access the user's CRM and communication channels, assisting them in navigating complex queries during technical sales calls, improving customer satisfaction and ultimately, closing deals.
Chadview offers a 15-minute free trial for users to practice on Zoom calls with friends, colleagues or even any job interviews on YouTube. After the trial, the tool charges $5 for every 30 minutes of use, allowing the user to purchase minutes as required for their interview. Users can join the Chadview community on Discord to receive customer support, provide feedback, and request new features.
In conclusion, Chadview is an AI-powered meetings assistant designed to listen to and answer users' technical job interviews, technical sales calls, and voice support calls. It provides accurate and relevant real-time answers, helping users build confidence in conversations and improve their chances of success.
Free + $5/30 mins
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