AI app for aviation regulations

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CFR Explorer is an innovative AI-powered app that streamlines access to aviation regulations. Pilots can easily query the app with natural language questions like “What preflight actions are required?” or “What are the medical certificate pilot requirements?” to receive helpful answers. Alternatively, users can search the app for particular regulations by typing in relevant keywords, such as “glider and tow pilot conversation” or “general aviation pilot requirements.”
Although the app is still in its beta phase, it provides a valuable resource for pilots seeking information about aviation regulations. It is important, however, to keep in mind that any private information should not be shared using this app, and users do so at their own risk. bears no liability for the content generated by the app.
Created by Zohaib, this app is a testament to his commitment to providing easy and accurate access to aviation regulations. To learn more about Zohaib, check out his website and Twitter page. CFR Explorer is readily available to pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike, making compliance with aviation regulations a breeze.
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