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Casetext is a legal AI company that has been at the forefront of developing groundbreaking technology for over a decade. Its flagship product, CoCounsel, is the world's first dependable legal assistant powered by AI. CoCounsel is designed to streamline lawyers' daily workflow by automating critical tasks such as document review, legal research memos, deposition preparation, and contract analysis in a matter of minutes. With CoCounsel, lawyers can input a legal issue and relevant jurisdiction, and receive prompt, comprehensive responses with supporting sources.
CoCounsel is equipped with specialized algorithms that identify critical documents in contract databases and key information during discovery. It increases precision and recall while reducing operational costs. The app can also automate contract revision by identifying relevant clauses and risks and recommending revisions.
Over 10,000 law firms, including Am Law 100 firms, solo practices, and in-house legal departments rely on Casetext's products. The company boasts a leadership team with unparalleled expertise, including individuals who previously served as president of the Stanford Law Review, worked on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and litigated for top-tier firms. The team has also patented ABA-recognized technology, setting a new standard in the legal industry.
Casetext conducts extensive testing and training before it launches any of its legal AI solutions. It also employs expert attorneys and engineers who have spent thousands of hours and several months training CoCounsel. CoCounsel builds on the power of the latest AI technology, GPT-4, which outperformed real bar candidates. Casetext is dedicated to transforming the legal industry by empowering lawyers to provide high-quality, efficient, and affordable representation to more people.
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