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Broadn is a cutting-edge learning platform that leverages the power of generative AI to create personalized, private courses tailored to each individual's unique learning style. By utilizing machine learning and natural language processing, Broadn's products cater to diverse learning preferences, transforming the web of content into personalized educational resources.
With its mobile application and the AI-in-the-middle newsletter, Broadn provides users with topical searches that enable them to access expert opinions and have meaningful conversations on specific subjects. The platform is devoted to replacing the traditional self-paced, non-personalized learning experience with cohort-based learning, creating a highly personalized education that matches the needs and interests of each student.
Broadn has received rave reviews, and a limited beta is set to launch in Jan 2023. The learning experience offered by Broadn is designed to help users find the most relevant content for their learning style and pose questions tailored to their interests, ultimately enhancing the learning experience.
The innovative platform claims to make the learning journey more fruitful and enjoyable than traditional methods, empowering individuals to develop their skills and knowledge in a personalized and exciting way. Recently emerging as a leader in the AI-based learning space, Broadn is a must-try for any learners.
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