AI tool to turn chats into spreadsheets.

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Botsheets is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of turning conversations into easily manageable spreadsheets. With Botsheets Writer, users can effortlessly connect their customer messaging channels to a Google Sheet and use column headers to specify the information they want the AI to collect. Botsheets automatically extracts actionable data from the chat conversation and writes it to the designated Google Sheet. By eliminating the need for manual transcription, Botsheets Writer saves time, minimizes errors and is particularly useful for lead generation.
Botsheets makes it downright easy to streamline support processes by transforming unstructured customer support requests into well-organized and structured data that makes it faster to resolve issues and flag hotspots that need attention. The Botsheets AI also helps to recognize customer experience trends and patterns by leveraging smart prompts such as "Sentiment" to capture positive or negative customer feedback. Whether you use Botsheets for customer engagement or data analysis, the tool delivers immense value for anyone who frequently works with spreadsheets and communicates with customers. Setting up Botsheets requires only two minutes and requires no code, making it exceptionally user-friendly. The platform offers a free plan, and there are additional paid plans available that come with numerous other features.
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