AI-powered productivity assistant for note-taking and organizing.

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Bloks is a cutting-edge productivity assistant that aims to simplify work for users by handling mundane tasks such as note-taking, organizing, and reminders. It offers a range of features and uses AI technology to help users increase their productivity and achieve more in less time. The app functions as an all-in-one productivity tool, working like a personal assistant to manage meetings, tasks, and notes.
Bloks uses AI to generate automatic meeting notes and action items, providing users with a complete picture of the meeting, and resulting in greater output and less workload. It works seamlessly on all calls, without requiring intrusive bots or plugins, making it accessible to everyone.
Designed to cater to various roles, Bloks offers customized solutions to match each user’s unique needs. For instance, self-employed individuals can use Bloks to manage contacts, track to-do lists and records of past events. Team leads can use the app to monitor team progress and make reviews, while consultants can leverage it to manage clients and their priorities.
Bloks streamlines the process of note-taking by using AI to instantly generate summaries and transcriptions of in-person meetings and video calls on platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. It automatically organizes captured data using AI-assisted tagging, providing users with more context and a high-level overview of all the tasks on their plate.
Overall, Bloks aims to simplify work by reducing workload and providing a comprehensive tool for boosting productivity. Its user-friendly interface and clever features make it an indispensable asset for anyone looking to optimize their work efforts.
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