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BeyondWords is a powerful text-to-speech publishing platform designed to revolutionize the way content is consumed. With its extensive AI voice library and voice-cloning technology, this innovative tool enables individuals and teams to create customized, engaging audio content that resonates with their target audience.
BeyondWords offers a comprehensive audio CMS, streamlining the process of managing and maximizing your audio strategy. The platform provides various content conversion options, including the API, RSS feed importer, WordPress plugin, or Ghost plugin, enabling you to auto-convert content or manually create audio using the text-to-speech editor.
As soon as the audio is produced, you can disseminate it in a variety of ways, such as automatic player embeds, API or SDKs, or as a podcast. The platform also allows you to monetize audio content with ads from sponsors or make it available exclusively to subscribers.
Moreover, BeyondWords offers insightful analytics to gauge audio engagement, and it seamlessly integrates with your Google Analytics account. Overall, it's an ideal tool for expanding reach, boosting engagement, and increasing revenue with high-quality audio content. BeyondWords is currently available to users on their website.
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