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Beatsbrew is an innovative AI-powered tool that simplifies the creative process by generating high-quality audio samples from text prompts in a matter of seconds. It offers users a variety of instruments, beats, loops, and sound assets to choose from, making music production and soundscape creation more accessible to everyone. With Beatsbrew's straightforward interface, technical expertise is not required, as users need only enter text prompts, and the tool generates samples based on the input.
While the platform is free to use, it offers subscription-based plans that provide added value and flexibility. Upon signing up, users receive 50 free credits to generate samples, and after that, they are given 25 credits each month. If the user requires more samples, they can subscribe to a paid plan.
It is important to note that some prompts may require more attempts to generate satisfactory results, and the user may need to tweak the audio after creation to achieve their desired sound. As of now, the licensing status of AI-generated sound samples remains undefined, but many Beatsbrew samples are currently being used in creative projects without issue.
To ensure sustainability and provide the best service possible, Beatsbrew uses a subscription model. However, users can easily cancel their subscription by contacting the platform's support team.
Beatsbrew plans to release new features like the ability to save sound samples in a library on the application, and users can provide feedback or request new features. In conclusion, Beatsbrew sets to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to streamline their music production or creative projects, reducing time and effort and maximizing results.
Starting at $10/mo
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