AI tool for background removal.

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Background Remover AI is an innovative online tool that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to effortlessly remove the background from both images and videos. Available on GitHub as an open source code, this tool provides an API for seamless integration with other platforms or applications. With a multi-language support system, Background Remover AI caters to a diverse set of users worldwide, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and more. Its impressive background removal capabilities provide accurate and efficient results, vital for varied applications such as graphic design, e-commerce, and video editing.
Users can access this hassle-free tool through the website, where they can effortlessly upload their images or videos for automatic background removal. Thanks to its unique original result feature, users can view the difference between the original image and the one with the new background removed side-by-side. Additionally, Background Remover AI presents users with pricing plans and the option to log in to manage their files or API keys for enhanced user-friendliness. Background Remover AI is owned and operated by LLC, offering privacy policies, terms of service, and an about us page, providing users with essential details about the tool and the company behind it.
Starting at $29/mo
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