No-code AI backend API tool.

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Backengine is a revolutionary no-code AI tool that allows users to effortlessly create, test, and deploy backend APIs powered by large language models, all without writing a single line of code or worrying about infrastructure. With Backengine, users can describe example API requests and responses and define API endpoint logic using natural language, thus streamlining the entire process.
The tool's intuitive interface enables users to test their API endpoints, fine-tune their response and request structure, and deploy the endpoints with a single click. Backengine's sophisticated application logic can be built and deployed in under a minute, making it perfect for rapidly iterating through multiple iterations of projects.
Aside from its impressive speed, Backengine offers robust features such as a no-code workspace for building, testing, and managing team members and the ability to use external APIs in endpoints without any integration work required.
Backengine ensures the security of all endpoints and protects them so that only users and their applications can use them. The tool runs on the system's super-fast back-end architecture, available immediately and provides built-in authentication and authorization for applications built entirely with Backengine.
Users can create a wide variety of AI-powered applications with Backengine, including creating ISO country codes, hyper-aware UI, population of flight search fields, detecting and highlighting products based on user purchase history, classifying anything with or without well-defined categories, and finding matches in any dataset of any structure.
In addition, users can get started for free with the creation of their first two AI-powered endpoints and upgrade to Pro for unlimited endpoints. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, Backengine is the perfect tool for anyone looking to create robust backend APIs quickly and efficiently.
Free + Starting at $20/mo
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